Materials and manufacturing

Clever features allow musicians to tailor their XO instrument to their personal expressive needs and to explore new musical realms without switching instruments.


Materials are selected based on molecular metal research and processed using custom-designed heating and hardening techniques. The result: outstanding vibrancy and resonance in a consistently superior instrument.

The instruments of this range are developed in close collaboration with world-famous musicians who were more than willing to share their preferences and requirements regarding pro-grade instruments.

Heavy Caps

Special, heavy valve caps that literally add more weight to the instrument. This allows players to better slot and stabilize the pitch of the tones they play.

For XO trumpets and flugelhorns

Brass valve guides

While commonly used plastic valve guides provide almost friction-free valve action, quite a few players prefer brass valve guides for a different response and an improved sound. These valve guides also modify the instrument’s resonance behavior, providing a sharper sound in the upper register.

For XO trumpets

Lightweight valve springs

Professional players not only want to press the right valves at the right time - they also want to achieve a signature sound. XO trumpets and flugelhorns come with smooth and standard valve springs to tailor the instrument’s response to the player’s needs.

For XO trumpets and flugelhorns

Finger buttons

Demanding players often prefer the classic feel of metal finger buttons. To offer full variety of touch, both pearloid and metal finger buttons are included to complement the needs of the most demanding performers.

For XO trumpets and flugelhorns

XO Nodal Stabilizers (XONS)

This ingenious contraption was designed by Roger Ingram. XONS are inserted in the gap between the leadpipe and the pulled-out main tuning slide. This creates a small, yet desirable, gap that improves slotting, stabilizes pitch, and facilitates accessing the upper register. 

For XO1600I model Roger Ingram

Main tuning slides

Rounded tuning slides improve the airflow and are more open-blowing than other designs. Elliptical tuning slides create a more robust sound and allow for easier slotting. Players are free to choose between these two tuning slide designs to further complement their playing.

For XO trumpets

Interchangeable leadpipes

Even tiny changes to the material and length can produce significant results: more tonal control, a more robust sound, more overtones–or the opposite. Demanding trombone players can choose among three leadpipes, which are provided in a gorgeous leather case: a short one made of sterling silver and two brass leadpipes of different lengths.

For XO trombones with F-attachment and bass trombones