Bb trumpet 1600l model Roger Ingram

Character: Efficient. Accurate.

Developed in collaboration with Roger Ingram, the XO1600I trumpet meets this world-famous musician’s requirements regarding a professional instrument. Temperamental, vibrant and focused, it was designed for lead trumpet players in search of perfect sound projection and effortless intonation.

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Bb trumpet XO1602

Character: Sensitive. Versatile.

The XO1602 is the perfect trumpet for musicians who need to be flexible. With its subtle and balanced tonal meat, it rises to just about any musical challenge.

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Bb trumpet XO1602LTR

Character: Professional. Lightweight.

The XO1602LTR Bb trumpet is an XO Lightweight instrument, which means it is 10% lighter than the regular XO1602 models.

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C trumpet XO1624

Character: Powerful. Elegant.

The XO1624 epitomizes elegance and clarity, allowing it to meet the stringent demands for orchestral performances where power and precision are key.

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