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The XO Specials 2018/2019 are carefully crafted professional brass instrument that satisfy even the most stringent requirements. With their discerning combination of materials, surfaces and construction details, these special instruments offer exceptional sonic options and superior playability.The XO Specials 2018/2019 are a unique collection of the highly acclaimed XO Sophisticated Brass instrument range. Only a limited number of these exceptional instruments will be available.We therefore advise you to first check with a participating dealer whether the instrument you wish to try out is available.

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Experienced musicians refine their hearing with every single note!

Listen to your recordings of exercises and pieces through the loudest compact travel speaker of its kind. Analyze your playing technique, dynamics and expression to get ever closer to your idea of musical perfection.
Allow us to assist you with your quest by presenting you with a unique MARSHALL Stockwell Bluetooth Verstärker amplifier when you purchase an XO Specials 2018/2019 model!

All XO Specials 2018/2019 instruments can be found here.

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