XO Flugelhorn

Bb Flugelhorn XO1646

The XO1646 flugelhorn oozes velvety sophistication capable of transporting players and audiences alike intothe magical world of musical depth. Instilling rock-solid confidence, it provides extensive control over slow,melodic passages and energetic virtuoso riffs alike.

Character: Heartwarming. Full-bodied.

  • Hand-hammered bell
  • Bore: 10.50 mm
  • Leadpipe: Nickel silver
  • Valves: Monel
  • Two-piece valve section
  • Trigger at 3rd
  • valve slide with Minibal-Linkage
  • Mouthpiece
  • Accessories
  • XO Case: XOKC52XC
  • Accessory kit: Heavycaps, lightweight valve springs, metal finger buttons
    More information about the accessory kit

Bell rose brass - Ø 152 mm

XO1646RL - lacquered


XO1646RSS - silver-plated


XO1646RS - silver-plated, gold-plated trims